Revanesse Challenge

Dec 27, 2018

Revanesse® Challenge


What it is

The Revanesse® Challenge was offered to 26 healthcare providers who have shown excellence and experience in the industry of cosmetic injectables. The participants were hand-picked because of their rich experience and discerning perspective.


Who Participated

Revanesse® Challenge participants were located across the US in 15 states. All participants were plastic surgeons or dermatologists with a deep understanding of facial anatomy & medical aesthetic treatments. The providers who participated in the Revanesse®challenge are all highly regarded and known as innovators and leaders within their field.


The Results


rated their overall experience with Revanesse® as favourable or extremely favourable


rated the flow of Revanesse® the same or better than what they currently inject


rated the flow of Revanesse® better than what they currently inject


rated the patient experience with Revanesse® as satisfying or extremely satisfying


rated the lifting properties of Revanesse® the same or better than the product they currently inject


reported that patients experienced less overall swelling with Revanesse®


reported that Revanesse® felt smooth or very smooth


reported that Revanesse® produced results that looked natural or very natural


of respondents said they would recommend Revanesse® to a colleague


of respondents said they would strongly recommend Revanesse® to a colleague

Experience the Difference

The Revanesse® family is a line of multi-purpose hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers that provide real results with a quick, minimally invasive beauty treatment. Revanesse® can be used to boost facial volume or to augment and enhance specific features. The treatment is also an effective anti-aging remedy that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and hollows that may appear over time.

Revanesse® is optimized for performance with high-quality ingredients, a unique manufacturing process, and a small-batch approach to production. Our unique approach to ingredient selection and purification delivers a high concentration of HA with a low incidence of side-effects like swelling.

Our commitment to volume helps ensure providers and their patients have access to the right amount of product for the results they desire, with competitive pricing. All Revanesse® products are part of the Prollenium® Rewards program that helps patients achieve remarkable results for a reasonable price.

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Data from an internally-conducted study contributed by 26 US-based plastic surgeons and dermatologists with previous experience with medical aesthetic injections. Participants in the Revanesse® Challenge received 30 complimentary syringes of Revanesse® for trial purposes. The Revanesse® Challenge was conducted from September 1, 2018 – October 15, 2018. Results as of November 8, 2018. Results are based on individual opinions and impressions. Not all patients/providers will have the same results and experiences.