Behind The Scenes: The science that makes Revanesse unique

Dec 27, 2018

1. Choosing the right ingredients:

As a starting point, long-chain Hyaluronic Acid is selected for Revanesse®. Long-chain HA has been associated with a higher level of viscosity. Having proper viscosity levels makes treatment injections easier and also produces smooth results.



2. Adding structure & stability:

Next, BDDE is added to the HA to create a more stable filler with improved duration of treatment results. Since long-chain HA typically needs a lower amount of BDDE to initiate cross-linking, Revanesse® can have a higher amount of pure HA, while still benefitting from the stability of the cross-linking process.



3. Refining the formula:

Following the cross-linking process, the filler is made more homogenous as the particles are refined through a wet-milling process. The refined, spherical particles are more easily integrated into the body’s natural tissue, reducing swelling and extending the duration of treatment results. They have also been linked to smooth and natural looking results.



4. Purification:

Our manufacturing process includes a fourth step that many competitive products do not. After refinement, Revanesse® is dialyzed for 7 days to help neutralize the product’s PH and osmolality. This helps the product to be more easily integrated into the body’s tissues. The dialysis process can also ensure the filler is less likely to absorb water, helping providers deliver accurate treatment results. Lastly, this process also removes excess BDDE, increasing its purity.



5. Optimizing flow:

The last step in creating Revanesse® is a 10% addition of linear HA solution. This ensures that the product will have improved flow to help improve ease of injection and treatment accuracy.



6. Quality control:

When Revanesse® is ready, it is filled into syringes. Each syringe is individually inspected for quality before they are shipped out for use. Our product is produced and packaged entirely in-house to increase the level of oversight and quality control.