age 51

Anne wanted to take control and manage the signs of aging. She was looking for a renewal treatment with results that would be noticeable yet natural-looking. She was hoping to look like “herself” and only slightly “fresher.”

After image, on right, was taken within 2 hours of the treatment.

Before her Revanesse® treatment, Anne had lines appearing from the corners of her mouth to her jowls. The shape of her chin and jowls showed signs of sagging.

2 hours after her treatment, Anne had a more even and fuller jawline, and noticeably less lines around the corners of her mouth.

Procedure Details

Number of Syringes: 3
Total Volume Injected: 2.6 mL

Roll over image to see the amount of product applied to each treatment region.

After her treatment, Anne said

“The results are incredible, very natural and even.”