age 60

Ellen tried Revanesse® because she was looking for a more youthful appearance. She chose the treatment for its ability to provide natural looking results. She was hoping for a change that was subtle enough that friends and acquaintances would think she looked good, but not be able to place exactly what was different.

After image, on right, was taken within 2 hours of the treatment.

Before her Revanesse® treatment, Ellen had moderate lines appearing from the base of her nose to the outer corners of her mouth. She also had some wrinkling in the corners of her mouth.

2 hours after her treatment, Ellen’s had a natural, but noticeable difference in the reduction of wrinkles and increased smoothness in the treated areas.

Procedure Details

Number of Syringes: 2
Total Volume Injected: 1.7 mL

Roll over image to see the amount of product applied to each treatment region.

After her treatment, Ellen said

“Just what I wanted”